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Hi, I’m Naia Graham, Somatic Sex Coach, Sound healer and Sexological Bodyworker.


I am here to remind you of your soul’s essence and to help guide you back to your truest expression.   As a Somatic Sex Coach I believe that everything is affected by your relationship to your sexual self.  Your own personal connection to your sexuality affects your life force, vitality, creativity, joy and power.  I help you step towards the pleasure and openness you intuitively know is possible.


Who would benefit from working with me?


I work with women, men, and couples in my private practice in the San Francisco Bay area. I work on and off the body.  During sessions I employ a variety of healing modalities, including sound healing, touch therapy, internal/external massage and energy work.


A woman would work with me if she is experiencing any of the following:


  • Low sex drive.

  • Difficulty climaxing and reaching orgasm

  • Resistance to pleasure

  • Healing and clearing of Sexual trauma

  • Wants to learn how to love her body, and develop a healthy body image.

  • Sexual inhibition or shyness.

  • Release Body shame.

  • Preparing the womb to conceive a child

  • Clearing emotional blocks.

  • Recovery after giving birth to a child~ scar tissue remediation.

  • PMS

  • Clearing stagnation in womb~ cysts, fibroids

  • Feeling depressed and would like to feel more connected to her joy.

  • Would like greater confidence in all areas of life.

  • Exploration of desires

  • Desires a deeper connection to self and creativity

  • Would like to improve her ability to receive.

  • Repattern pleasure pathways by receiving healing non-sexual touch.


A man would work with me if he is experiencing any of the following:


  • Erectile dysfunction.

  • Premature ejaculation.

  • Body shame.

  • Sexual insecurity.

  • Fear of intimacy.

  • Spinal cord injuries.

  • A safe space to explore his sexuality.

  • How to ask for what you need.

  • Learn how to receive.

  • Melt body armouring.

  • Connect his heart to his sexuality.

  • Prostate massage.

  • Feeling exhausted and a lack of purpose in life.

  • Clear sexual trauma.

  • Connect more deeply to who you are.

  • Surrendered receiving - receiving without the need to give anything back

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure


Couples would work with me if they experience any of the following:


  • Support around giving and receiving pleasure.

  • Sensual massage skills.

  • Learning how to communicate what you want.  

  • Intimacy exercises.


What does a session look like?


A session begins with a conversation connecting face to face, heart to heart. I invite you to ask questions and communicate your intentions.  In a session I offer you my complete and total presence. Through safe, non judgmental, loving touch the body releases trauma and unwinds various patterns of tension. Body armouring begins to melt away. Places that were previously numb learn how to receive touch in a way that feels pleasurable again.  I support clients in discovering what they want and learning how to communicate their new desires.


Professional Certifications and Trainings:


  • Sexological bodywork~ Institue for Advanced Human sexuaity 

  • Myo fascial release~Cynthia Rowe

  • Cranial sacral therapy~ Cynthia Rowe

  • Embodied Anatomy and Yoga with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

  • Somatic Intelligence with Risa Kaparo

  • Yoga of the voice with Silvia Nakkach

  • Sound, voice and music healing from CIIS

  • Sound Healing from Globe Institute in SF

  • Sound healing with Tom Kenyon in Egypt and Bhutan

  • Soul Focused healing with Deborah Mills

  • Holistic Health Practioner~ Heartwood Institute




“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Naia's therapeutic touch. It was my first time pursuing this approach to combining bodywork and sensuality. Naia's approach allowed me to feel completely at ease, dropping me out of my head and into my heart and body. Naia has the whole package - a voice that is clear, soothing and enchanting; hands that are energetically precise and fantastic; a heart that senses what is being called forth and what is being blocked.  Naia's approach is wholly transformative. I have no doubt that I am a changed sexual being as a result of my time with her.“

Bob ~ Los Altos, CA


"Working with Naia has been a wonderful experience for me.  Immediately after our first session together, I noticed a huge difference in the way that I approached not only my sexuality, but also everyday life.  I was given the freedom to express myself, as well as being ok with who I actually am.  Naia provided a clean and inviting space, that made me feel comfortable, safe, and supported."  

Greg ~ Santa Cruz, CA


"After my eldest daughter died at 45 suddenly and without warning, I went into a deep depression. I used Naia to help me deal with the emotional distress and worked with her for two years. The sessions helped me greatly and I would highly recommend her work to anyone seeking support during distress."

Stephen ~ Moss Beach, CA


"Naia's intuitive touch is exquisite. In just a few sessions, she was able to break through unconscious patterning and communicate deep truths - soul to soul. She is truly an extraordinary healer and an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend Naia's work and continue to be inspired daily by what I have learned from her!"

Robin ~ San Francisco


"My work with Naia has been only been wonderful. She is very intuitive and knowledgable and has helped me to let go of patterns and heal issues on a physical and emotional level, replacing them with a deeper sense of self-possession and empowerment. I continue to feel the positive effects of my sessions with her as I am able to apply and refer to her beautiful teachings in my daily life. I would absolutely and highly recommend Naia's work, especially for those looking to let go of heaviness in their lives and embrace their confident, loving and true selves. The grace, love, integrity and skill that Naia brings to her work provides a space that has allowed me to grow significantly and I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege of working with her. "

Ines ~ Berkeley


"My sessions with Naia were beautiful and healing. I felt safe and held which is hard to do when working with intimate areas and deep patterns. Naia has a special quality that I rarely find in a practitioner. She is both grounded and powerful while working with an otherworldly quality that is profoundly magical. My sessions helped me touch places within myself that had been previously unreachable. After receiving from her I felt more in alignment with my true self and open to more love. Incredible work from a woman of integrity and potency." 

Jessica ~ Oakland, CA


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Copyright Naia Graham 2016

Thank you! I look forward to connecting.

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